Microelectronic and Photonic Packaging Materials Group


Selected Patents

  • Silicon Materials Flip-chip Devices -U.S. Patent 5,348,913 (9/20/1994) (C.P. Wong).

  • Developed a Novel Reworkable, High Temperature Adhesives(350-400C) for MCM-D (C.P. Wong, J. Wu).Substrate Attachment Applications.( US Patent 6,498,260B2(12/24/2002).

  • Reworkable Thermoset Underfills for Flip-chip Applications, (US Patent No. 6,172,141 1/9/2001 - C.P. Wong, L. Wang).

  • No Flow Flip-chip Materials the Next Generation  of High Performance Low cost Processes. (US Patent No. 6,180,696 1/30/2001 - C.P. Wong, S. Shi).

  • Method for Curing Resins - (US Patent 5,439,112. C.P. Wong).

  • Y. Xiu, Jack K. Moon, C. P. Wong, “Abrasion Resistant Superhydrophobic Coatings via the Combination of Epoxy and Inorganic Nanoparticles”, US provisional patent, serial No.: 61/100,863 (2008).

  • Electrically Conductive Adhesives and Methods of Making - (US Patent Pending No. 7,527,749 5/5/ 2009 - Y. Li, K. Moon and C. Wong)